NameImageTypePrice (AU$)Country of Origin
VitalSleepVital Sleep Mandibular advancement device$107.02USA
SnoreMedsSnoreMeds Mandibular advancement device$64.66USA
Good Morning Snore SolutionGood Morning Snore Solution Tongue stabilisation mouthpiece$168.12Canada
Airmax Nasal device$34.95 for 2 packAustralian distributor
AVEO tsdAVEO tsd Tongue stabilisation mouthpiece$99.00USA
Mute SnoringMute Snoring Nasal device$33.95 for 3 packAustralia
Snore CircleSnore Circle Muscle stimulator$546.21USA
SomnifixSomnifix Mouth strips$45.85USA
SnoreRXSnoreRX Mandibular advancement device$168.21USA
RipSnoreRipSnore Mandibular advancement device$69.95Australia
Snop Snoring Nose ApparatusSnop Snoring Nose Apparatus Nasal device$69.95Australia

The information on this table is correct at time of publishing.  Please be aware that prices may change.  Some of the prices that we converted from other currencies will vary with the exchange rate.  All prices include the cost of postage to Australia, to allow a fair comparison.  If you know of any corrections please contact us.  

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  Always speak to a medical professional before using sleep products or anti-snoring devices to make sure they are right for you.   This post contains affiliate links.

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