Can sleeping in separate bedrooms help you sleep better?

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sleeping in separate bedrooms

Do you have trouble sleeping when you share a bed with your partner?

Many people report not sleeping well when they share their bed.  So, how does bed sharing effect your sleep and is sleeping in separate bedrooms the secret to a good night’s rest?

To sleep or not to sleep, together?

For centuries, it has been widely accepted that couples, specifically serious or long-term partners, would share a bed.  Historically, the reasons for sleeping together were probably born from fiscal necessity, as well as the warmth and security that a bed partner offered.

These days, people see sleeping together as a form of closeness, that is commonly thought to enhance the couple’s relationship.

However, it is becoming evident that a couple’s bond might have nothing to do with how they sleep.  People are reporting that sleeping in different beds and even separate bedrooms, is beneficial for their sleep and also their relationships.

Scientists who research sleep have found that sleeping in separate beds is, actually, more beneficial than sharing a bed.  Lee Crespi, a couples therapist states “People don’t want to talk about it. It’s a dirty little secret.  There are people who say sleeping apart is not good because it fosters distance, but I think you can argue both ways. People do, in fact, sleep more soundly when they sleep alone.”

The following points explain why sleeping alone may be the better option for a sound slumber:

Taking control of your sleep surroundings

When we sleep alone in a room, we can make the environment perfect for how we like to sleep.

Some people prefer pitch-black darkness and total silence, whereas others prefer dim lighting and music to drift off to sleep.

If you and your romantic partner do not enjoy the same conditions when sleeping, separate rooms might be the only way the individuals can get proper sleep.

Choosing a bed and bedding

Some of us like soft mattresses and others prefer something firmer.  People also have different preferences for blankets, bed sheets, and pillows, including amount, material, even colour.

To avoid fighting with your partner over whether your favourite wool blanket is too warm, try sleeping separately.  This way, each person can choose the sorts of bedding and mattress that makes them happy and comfortable.

Sleeping according to your preferences

Some people toss and turn when sleeping and others lie in the same position for the whole night.   Another issue that can affect couples sharing a bed is when wake up times and bed times differ.

In this situation sleeping separately is the only option to provide each of you with the sleep he/she needs.


Let’s not ignore that snoring can be one of the biggest problems when sleeping with another person.  A recent study from the USA, revealed that snoring is the leading cause of divorce in married couples.

If a partner’s snoring is putting strain on your relationship, it might be time to move your sleep space to another room.  This solution will not just save your sleep, but maybe your relationship as well.

Please note that snoring can be a sign of more serious health conditions.  If you are worried about your snoring, see a medical professional.

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  This post may contain affiliate links.

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