How does a stop snoring mouthpiece work?

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

In this article we explore exactly how a stop snoring mouthpiece works, and which one is the best for you.  Plus, at the bottom of the article we have a not to be missed exclusive offer!

What is snoring?

Snoring is a condition that causes loud hoarse breathing while a person sleeps. Snoring is caused by the vibration of respiratory structures during sleep. This occurs when the muscles and tissue of the throat, mouth, and tongue relax and the airway narrows. A sound is made because the airflow is partially obstructed, and the air is forced through a smaller space. The narrower airway means that the pressure of the air is higher. It’s this pressure, that causes the tissue of the airways to vibrate. The diagram below shows how an obstructed airway can stop the flow of air.

What is snoring

Sometimes, the sound of snoring is faint, however often it is noisy and disruptive to bed partners. Snoring can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which can be quite dangerous. If you think snoring is a problem for you, please seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional.

What is a stop snoring mouthpiece?

Mouthpieces used to stop snoring go by many different names. The technical term is mandibular advancement device. The mandible is simply the lower part of your jaw (as shown in the diagram below). Moving the lower part of the jaw forward prevents snoring in many cases because it widens the airways. Anti snoring mouthpieces work by holding your bottom jaw forward a little while you sleep.

Skull anatomy - Mandible

Will a mandibular advancement device work for me?

There is an easy experiment you can do right now to find out if a mandibular advancement device will reduce your snoring.

Push out your bottom jaw, so that your bottom teeth are more forward than your top teeth. Now try to make a snorting or snoring noise, as you would while you sleep.

If is it harder to make a snoring noise in this position than it is when your jaw is in its normal relaxed state, then a mandibular advancement device will help reduce or stop your snoring.

how a stop snoring mouthpiece works

The best stop snoring mouthpiece

There are MANY anti-snoring devices on the market and it can be hard to shift through all the jargon. That’s why we recommend, the VitalSleep anti snoring device. Read on to find out all the benefits of the VitalSleep mouthpiece.

vitalsleep mouthpiece

  • VitalSleep mouthpieces are custom fitted to each individual so you can rest assured (pun intended) that the mouth guard will be right for your teeth and jaw. Choose from two sizes, small for women or regular for men. Creating the personalised imprint is done easily at home with hot water. No need for costly trips to the dentist, like with some mouth guards.  You can also adjust the mouth guard so that your mandible is a little or a lot forward depending on what is comfortable for you. Sometimes more severe snoring requires the mandible to be further forward.
  • The VitalSleep device is FDA approved to treat snoring. There are plenty of imitations out there that have simply not been tested and are made with inferior materials. VitalSleep is made in the USA from non-toxic, medical grade materials, which is what you would expect for something that goes in your mouth.
  • VitalSleep has a 60 night money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose!  They also offer a 1 year warranty, where they will replace your device with a brand new one should anything go wrong.
  • The VitalSleep website claims 250 000 people are successfully using their devices. That is a lot of people! Check out some of their amazing testimonials below.

VitalSleep testimonials

How do I buy the VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece?

VitalSleep mouthpieces can only be purchased through their online site.  At only US$69.00, they are actually cheaper than some of the imitations.

Buy now

For a LIMITED TIME we have the privilege of offering The Deep Sleep Co. readers an exclusive discount!

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You will not find a better price than this!

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  Always speak to a medical professional before using sleep products to make sure they are right for you.   This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Rick R. says:

    I wanted to let you know how well this is working. Wife is totally pleased; she can sleep again without having to move, and I’m getting better sleep. So, well done. I’m impressed.

    • TheDeepSleepCo says:

      Hi Rick, thanks so much for the feedback! We really appreciate it! So glad you and the wife are getting some sleep now. You know what they say? ‘happy wife, happy life’! Enjoy!

  2. William says:

    Thanks for the info. I loved the test. I can tell the difference when I have my bottom jaw out. Amazing!

  3. Urma says:

    This is interesting.. I love the little exercise to find out if it will help you. It was amazing that this works. Thanks.

  4. Bryant says:

    I found this really helpful. I snore on and off and have been thinking about getting something to stop the snoring. Thanks for this cool article.


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