Our favourite romantic sleep gifts

Valentine's Day is coming up (14th Feb) and we wanted to make a list of our favourite romantic sleep gifts.  These gifts are for anyone in any type of relationship.  We have chosen products that are genuinely romantic without being sickly sweet.  We have excluded...

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Positive Sleep Affirmations

Positive sleep affirmations are a great way to focus your mind on the sleep process and let go of the day.  Affirmations are simply phrases that you repeat to yourself a number of times. Affirmations should be short and speak in the positive.  For example don't say 'I...

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The Easy Guide to the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

Do you have trouble quietening your mind at night to get to sleep? The 4-7-8 breathing technique is an easy yet effective method of calming your body and mind for sleep.  If practiced regularly, this method can lull you to sleep in just one minute.   What is 4-7-8...

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How much sleep do you need?

Sveti Williams, sleep coach and author, explains what sleep is, how it works and how much you really need.   What is sleep? Sleep is a highly complex and active process of dynamic restoration, rejuvenation, recuperation and reconsolidation, all of which are essential...

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5 Ways that Stress Affects your Sleep

Poor sleep can be a warning sign that we are stressed.  While stress is a normal part of life, too much stress in our life can impact on our sleep.  Poor sleep can also exacerbate the unhealthy side effects of stress. Here are just 5 ways that stress affects our...

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The Most Gorgeous Christmas Gift Sets 2017

Whether it's an end of year Thank You gift, the inevitable workplace Secret Santa, or something extra special to put under the tree; these gift packs are the perfect pressie.  Whoever the gift is for, you can rest assured that they will love these relaxing and...

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