Top Ten Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

Studies show that women are significantly more likely than men to suffer from insomnia.  Research by the Sleep Health Foundation revealed that 40% of women have trouble getting to sleep.  While almost half of all Australian women wake often during the night. Good...

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Best anti-snoring devices in Australia

The Sleep Health Foundation estimates that between 30% - 40% of people in Australia snore.  But snoring doesn't just affect the snorer, it can also make it hard for partners and family members to get adequate sleep.  In fact, snoring is one of the leading causes of...

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How to care for your circadian rhythm

The Deep Sleep Co. is a proud World Sleep Day (WSD) delegate. WSD aims to raise awareness of sleep disorders and the burden that they place on society. Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of...

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Earthing: the answer to a great night’s sleep

Are you looking for a sleep aid that's natural, easy, enjoyable and free? It's time you tried Earthing! From relieving night-time pains and niggles, helping to stop snoring and calming an anxious mind, Earthing is the answer to a great night’s sleep.   What is...

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Our favourite romantic sleep gifts

Valentine's Day is coming up (14th Feb) and we wanted to make a list of our favourite romantic sleep gifts.  These gifts are for anyone in any type of relationship.  We have chosen products that are genuinely romantic without being sickly sweet.  We have excluded...

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Positive Sleep Affirmations

Positive sleep affirmations are a great way to focus your mind on the sleep process and let go of the day.  Affirmations are simply phrases that you repeat to yourself a number of times. Affirmations should be short and speak in the positive.  For example don't say 'I...

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