How to make your own sleepy pillow spray

sleepy pillow spray

Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy.  In this 24/7 world people are finding it increasingly hard to switch off and relax at night.  To make it a little easier to get some rest, we have worked with ECO Modern Essentials to develop a sleepy pillow spray recipe that you can make yourself at home.

How does the sleepy pillow spray work?

This pillow spray recipe is an easy and natural way to aid your sleep.  Essential oils are concentrated organic compounds that have been used for centuries to enhance health and well-being.  The essential oils used in this spray are well known for their relaxing properties.

Lavender essential oil encourages relaxation and helps to promote sleep due to its mild sedative properties.  It is also useful for relieving headaches and lifting your mood.  Lavender oil has a gentle floral, earthy aroma.

Chamomile essential oil is another relaxant.  Studies have shown that chamomile can reduce the amount of time taken to get to sleep.  It works by regulating the GABA receptors, which are essential to sleep.  This is proven to reduce anxiety and slow down your heart rate.

How to use the sleepy pillow spray

This pillow mist is easy to make and easy to use.  Just spray it on your pillows and sheets before bed and enjoy a restful sleep.  To turn your room into a sleep sanctuary, spray the mixture around the room as well.

This gentle spray is also suitable for kids’ rooms.

This sweet smelling little concoction is a perfect gift for friends and family.  It’s a thoughtful and personal gift that is also useful and practical.  Make sure to label the bottle with what it is and the date it was made.

Sleepy Pillow Spray Recipe

Tools & Ingredients

Spray bottle100ml Spray Bottle
Chamomile oilChamomile Essential Oil10 drops
Lavender oilLavender Essential Oil10 drops
WaterDistilled Waterup to 95ml


  1. Put the chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil in the spray bottle.
  2. Top the bottle up with distilled water.
  3. Shake thoroughly.
  4. Mist onto your bedding.

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  Always speak to a medical professional before using sleep products to make sure they are right for you.   This post contains affiliate links.

Sleepy pillow spray recipe
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