Positive Sleep Affirmations

Positive Sleep Affirmations

Sleep affirmations are a great way to focus your mind on the sleep process and let go of the day.  Affirmations are simply phrases that you repeat to yourself a number of times.

Affirmations should be short and speak in the positive.  For example don’t say ‘I will not have trouble sleeping tonight’ when you can say ‘I sleep deeply’.  Try to focus on the meaning and the feelings associated with the positive affirmation as you repeat them.  Whether you repeat them out loud or in your head is a personal preference.  Although, sleep affirmations are usually silent to create a peaceful environment.

Below are some examples of powerful sleep affirmations.  Feel free to pick and choose the ones that resonate with you and also add your own.  Click here for the no-fuss printable version of our sleep affirmations.

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Positive Sleep Affirmations

  • I release the day

  • I only hold on to positive feelings from today

  • I have done my best for today

  • I let the day’s excitement drift away

  • I am thankful for today

  • Sleep is a natural process

  • I feel comfortable and at peace

  • I am allowed to fall asleep

  • My bedroom is a sleep sanctuary

  • I am entering a deep sleep

  • I always sleep well

  • My mind feels calm and serene

  • I deserve this rest

  • I can sleep whenever I choose

  • My sleep is peaceful

  • I sleep all through the night

  • Sleep comes easily to me

  • I am falling into a restful sleep

  • I am in control of my sleeping patterns

  • I fall asleep quickly

  • I always sleep soundly

  • My muscles are feeling heavy and relaxed

  • I get all the sleep I need

  • I am grateful for tomorrow

  • My body clock naturally sends me to sleep at night

  • I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed

  • I am happy to be able to sleep

  • Sleep rejuvenates me

  • I am calming my body and mind

  • Sleeping deeply is normal for me

  • My dreams are happy and harmonious

  • I am a good sleeper

  • I am ready to sleep

  • My head feels heavy on my pillow

  • My body heals while I sleep

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  Always speak to a medical professional before taking supplements to make sure they are right for you.   This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Candice says:

    Thanks for posting this awesome article. I shared this on my Twitter. I love the idea of affirmations. they are more powerful.

  2. Julia says:

    Positive sleep affirmations are powerful. It was a key first step for me overcoming my insomnia. Love this list!

    • TheDeepSleepCo says:

      Thanks Julia, I appreciate you taking a look. Affirmations can work in so many areas of life. I hope these sleep affirmations can help someone.


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