Studies show that women are significantly more likely than men to suffer from insomnia.  Research by the Sleep Health Foundation revealed that 40% of women have trouble getting to sleep.  While almost half of all Australian women wake often during the night.

Good quality sleep is vital for maintaining physical and mental health.  So, say ‘Thanks Mum’ this year by giving her the gift of sleep.

We have put together a list of great gift ideas for a variety of Mums and budgets.  When shopping online make sure you have enough time for your order to arrive.


Diffuser | Aroma xo

With 2 mist modes, 7 LED colours and up to 6 hours of use, this stylish diffuser will help Mum drift off to sleep.  Just fill with water and your favourite essential oils for an instantly sweet smelling room.  We recommend Lavender oil for a calming experience.

Price: $68.00

Mothers' Day Gift Idea Diffuser


Sleeping Beauty Tea | Nourished Life

Mum is sure to enjoy this vegan and ethical Beauty Tea.  This organic herbal tea helps with a relaxed sleep so Mum can wake up feeling refreshed.

Price: $30.00

Sleep Tea


Earthing Sleep Mat | Earthing Oz

Earthing is a fantastic way to improve Mum’s sleep and overall health.  The Earthing Sleep Mat is made from a soft conductive carbon leatherette, that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and vinyl free.  It is designed to be used between the mattress and the fitted sheet.

Price: $169.00

Mothers' Day Gift Idea Earthing Mat



Magnesium Moisturiser | Amazing Oils

Magnesium has a range of health benefits and is also a popular sleep aid.  Amazing Oils produce organic magnesium oil right here in Australia.  To get the most out of this moisturiser as a sleep aid apply it to the feet and behind the knees before bed.

Price: $49.95

Mothers' Day Gift Idea Magnesium Cream

Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  If you are considering a sleep treatment please consult your doctor or medical professional.  This post may contain affiliate links.