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About TLC

TLC is a switched on Australian owned and managed family company based in Melbourne. Each item is the best it can be in terms of highest quality and lowest prices.

Natural latex pillows produced via the Talalay process are universally recognised as being the best. They offer the ultimate in gentle comfort and support, provide holistic health benefits and are longer lasting. They are the only latex pillows that can truly breathe and ours is 1 of only 5 factories in the entire world with Talalay latex capability. TLC’s range of natural Talalay latex pillows is the most comprehensive available in Australia and includes the perfect pillow for you.

Other luxury pillows in the range include a beautiful white duck feather and down, engineered with small feathers in the centre and softest down in the outer 2 chambers.

TLC care about their customers and take great joy in giving the gift of a great night’s sleep. Their customer service is impeccable, be it fast and free delivery or graciously accepting the return of any product that isn’t exactly right for you.

TLC provides tender loving comfort in the form of luxury pillows, quilts and bathrobes. TLC stands for the Talalay Latex Company – because Talalay latex pillows are their speciality. As a company, TLC stands for quality, service, value and integrity. And comfort.


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