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Smart Nora is the life changing snoring solution that has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Good Morning America, and Oprah’s Favourite Things just to mention a few. Benefits of Smart Nora have been verified by some of the leading sleep scientists in the world.

The Smart Nora journey started with addressing the most prevalent cause of chronic sleep deprivation. Their work continues as they improve their technology, diversify the product line, and reach out to new audiences.

Consistent sleep is the foundation of a healthy, intimate relationship. Smart Nora customers report peaceful nights, better mood, and greater intimacy. Smart Nora reduces volume of snoring below the level that wakes up a sleeping partner. As a result both the snorer and partner experience significant improvement in sleep continuity and quality.

Say goodbye to mouthguards, strips or straps. Go to bed as you normally would. Smart Nora’s patented technology detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves your pillow to stop the snore. With Smart Nora, there is nothing to put on your face or in your mouth. Sleep in comfort and enjoy snore-free nights.

You are unique, and so is your pillow. Smart Nora’s pillow insert is designed to work with firm, soft, thin, and puffy pillows. Whether you are use to down, or memory foam, you can customize Smart Nora for comfort and consistent results. The pillow insert is designed to cover the entire length of your pillow. No matter where your go-to spot on the pillow is, Smart Nora is just as effective.

Smart Nora consists of three main parts. The Pebble that detects snoring, the padded pillow insert that goes under your pillow, and the silent pump that inflates and deflates the padded insert.

Customising Smart Nora is key to getting great results. Smart Nora comes with a sensitivity setting on the Pebble and an inflation setting on the Base unit. Customise Nora during the first 5-7 nights to find your optimal setting.

Smart Nora’s patented design enables it to function in silence. It is compact and portable for traveling purposes and it comes with rechargeable batteries in case you are without a power source.

Please note: Smart Nora products are listed in USD but they will happily ship to Australia.

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