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About Sleepon

Sleepon are dedicated to creating better sleep products. They believe that sleep is an essential indicator of overall health. Taking control of your sleep is an important step to take control of your health.

Claus, the co-founder and CTO of Sleepon, dedicated to developing healthcare applications in wearable devices from early 2007. He led his team to invent the first heart rate monitoring watch in the world, which made heart rate monitoring device portable for the first time and solved the issue Holter monitor could never solve.

In 2015, Claus was admitted to the ICU for a heart attack due to long-term sleep deficiency and decided it was time to act. After he tried numerous sleep management devices, he found that none of them provided a good user experience with comprehensive information, as well as a comfortable night’s sleep.

With this issue in mind, Claus began to design sleep products, including home sleep testing devices and self-care sleep management products. From here Sleepon was formed and they now offer a comfortable and accurate sleep tracker with heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. Go2sleep is like a sleep lab in your hand, it helps you better understand your body and improve your sleep with daily feedback.

Please note: Sleepon products are listed in USD but they will happily ship to Australia.


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