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About Morphee

Fall asleep easily, quickly, and enjoy a deep and restful sleep with Morphee. A non-digital (wave-free and screen-free) device to aid meditation and sleep, Morphee features over 200 combinations of guided meditation sessions that have been designed, tested, and validated by sleep experts. These sessions combine meditation and sophrology to address stress and anxiety and improve users’ sleep. The Morphee Sleep Aid is non-digital for optimal efficiency – wave-free and without a screen.

All voice-guided meditation sessions were carried out by sleep professionals. The sessions help to reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Over 200 combinations to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply! 8 themes to choose from: body scan, breathing, movement, visualisation, cardiac coherence, napping, relaxing music, and nature sounds. Each theme contains 8 sessions with 2 durations (8 or 20 minutes) and 2 voices (Piers or Gina) to choose from. All sessions are available in English, French, Spanish and Italian. More than a thousand sleep, well-being and health professionals appreciate the benefits of Morphee and recommend it to their patients.

After 2 years, of extensive research, in collaboration with designers and sleep specialists —sophrologists, doctors and sleep centres— Morphee was born with the sole intention of soothing our nights, combining meditation and disconnection. In 2020, the family welcomed My Little Morphee which promotes the benefits of meditation to the youngest members of your family.

Please note: Morphee products are available in Australia through Amazon.


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