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Before Macoda, two young Australians were losing sleep over the state of the bedding industry. There had to be a better way to do things, and a quality product that didn’t cost the Earth. So, they set off to find it. What that lead to was a mattress in a league of its own.

After getting the best components available and turning them into a world-class mattress perfect for Australia, they knew we had to make sure it was something everyone could enjoy. So, we took the ‘rules’ and smashed them. By selling our mattress online and vacuum packing it, we don’t need to throw away money on transport, showrooms and all the rest. Instead, Macoda simply sell directly to you, so you can enjoy a perfect night’s rest at a fraction of the price.

The mattress has come a long way in its time, and now it’s better than ever. In 2017, the Macoda mattress was designed to make sure you get the sleep you deserve, while also looking after your body. Since then, they’ve done a lot of research and listened to lots of amazing customer’s feedback, and continued to improve and perfect the mattress. As a result, Macoda’s humble mattress-in-a-box has been awarded Australia’s Most Comfortable for the last 3 years. They’re committed to improvement, and will continue to add high quality, amazing sleep products for you to enjoy.

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