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About ECO. Modern Essentials

ECO. Modern Essentials is a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing. Their team is committed to making a difference in the world from providing eco-friendly alternatives to being certified as carbon neutral. They are dedicated to helping preserve the environment and keep this at the forefront of their everyday actions.

ECO. Modern Essentials’ aim is to simplify aromatherapy by sourcing and delivering pure essential oils and blends that are easy to use and incorporate into daily life. They strive to educate the community about the benefits and safe uses of essential oils, supported by both ancient traditional knowledge and recent scientific research. They work closely with a team of botanists, chemists and aromatherapists to develop the most effective essential oil blends and provide the best possible education on aromatherapy.

From the source to your home, they aim to deliver quality natural ingredients and encourage a way of living grounded in respect for nature, connection to our environment and self-care. They hope that by inspiring more individuals to appreciate our natural resources, practicing self-care and taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint on this earth, it will help drive change in the world.

ECO. Modern Essentials sleep support range is designed to calm the mind and relax the body, simply add a few drops of your favourite oil in your diffuser to create an ambient atmosphere, perfect for preparing the body for sleep. Can’t decide which scent to get? Try one of the value kits to sample one of each.

Many essential oils have calming properties and promote relaxation. Essential oils such as Lavender and Frankincense can relieve stress and anxiety, helping our bodies enter a restful state, ready for sleep. As essential oils are natural, they don’t come with some of the negative side effects often associated with sleep medications. Therefore, essential oils promote a healthy sleep.

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