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About Dusk and Dawn

Dusk & Dawn make all their mattresses right here in Australia. They are passionate about sleep, comfort, and their customer’s wellbeing. Their purpose is to help people live well and get the most out of their day by providing a more fulfilling night’s rest, from dusk until dawn.

When you experience a Dusk & Dawn mattress, you will appreciate the quality engineering, build, and craftsmanship that goes into every mattress. Dusk & Dawn products are not compressed and rolled into a box. With decades of experience, Dusk & Dawn have thoughtfully designed three collections to suit all sleeping styles and budgets. Their products are engineered to be comfy, supportive, and long-lasting. Every Dusk & Dawn mattress is made with luxurious and soft natural Australian wool.

Dusk & Dawn use premium Australian-made GECA certified comfort foams. GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) is a tick of approval that ensures that their foams are produced in a sustainable and healthy way, making it good for the environment and great for you.

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