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For the Sydney-based Baxter Blue team, blue light glasses were the ideal start to their digital wellbeing journey. When they saw first-hand the difference this one simple addition made to their and their customer’s overall wellbeing, they wanted to do more.

They learned all they could about how time spent on digital devices affects the mind and body. And now armed with that knowledge, they’re on a mission to improve the wellbeing of anyone that spends time in front of a screen. To help more people feel great, and live well while enjoying their increasingly digital lives.

Baxters Sleep collection is designed to be worn when the sun goes down, the amber Blue+™ Sleep lenses have been specifically developed to filter out the 450-500nm blue-light wavelengths that impact the release of melatonin – and subsequently, a good night’s sleep!

Deep protection with minimal colour distortion. Unlike many amber lenses on the market, Baxter Blue’s Blue+™ embedded filter technology means maximum protection with minimal colour distortion, allowing you to game, binge watch, or catch up on emails without sacrificing colour – or sleep.

As with all Baxter lenses, Baxter Blue Sleep lenses filter 100% of UVA and UVB light, feature a premium, anti-reflective coating that eliminates 100% of screen glare and digital eye strain, as well as a super-hydrophobic coating to minimise smudges and scratches.

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