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What are blue light blocking glasses?

Are you wondering what exactly blue light blocking glasses are, how they work, and if they can help you?  Read our simple explanation of blue blocking glasses to find out if they are right for you.   What is blue light? Blue light is a tiny, visible part of the...

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Essential oils for snoring

Snoring occurs when the tissue and muscles of the throat, mouth and tongue relax during sleep.  This causes a vibrating noise when the person breathes.  This can be annoying for the snorer and for the people around them.  There are many different snoring treatments...

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Best travel pillow for long haul flights

Sleeping while travelling can be tough!  To help you out, we've created a shortlist of the three best travel pillows for long haul flights.   The challenge of sleeping on long haul flights In April 2018, Qantas Airlines launched the first ever-nonstop commercial...

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5 Hacks for better sleep

Most of us will agree that we could do with better sleep. In fact, a study from Philips Annual Global Sleep Survey found that 67% of participants view sleep’s impact on their overall health and wellbeing to be significant.   The Importance of Good Sleep So...

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How to choose sustainable bamboo bed sheets

Sustainability has become the new buzzword for consumers and brands alike, and bamboo has found itself at the forefront of the movement.  And, for good reason!  From bamboo beauty products to bamboo tableware to bamboo bed sheets, Australians love bamboo.  Bamboo has...

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Golden milk: The delicious drink that will help you sleep

Golden milk (also called turmeric latte or turmeric tea) is a delicious warm drink that is also incredibly good for you.  This delightfully comforting mixture is an ancient sleep aid that is easy to make and yummy to drink.  If you haven't tried golden milk before,...

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A simple guide to sleep cycles

While we sleep soundly at night, our body works hard to repair and restore itself.  If we miss out on any of the vital sleep cycles, or have too little REM or non-REM sleep, it affects our well-being in many different ways.  According to sleep expert, Cheryl...

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The best bedding for summer

Summer is coming, and predictions point to it being a HOT one!  Temperature plays a key role in the quality of sleep you get.  Get ready for summer with specialised pillows, mattress toppers and quilts designed to keep you cool and dry.   Sleeping in summer Over...

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7 Signs it’s time to replace your mattress

Many of us simply set and forget when it comes to our mattresses, thinking that if we bought a good quality mattress in the first place, it’ll never need to be updated. However, your sleep environment, and particularly your mattress, have a big impact on your quality...

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Why do we dream, and why is dreaming important?

Why do we dream? We all dream, whether or not we recall them, but are our dreams important or are they a bizarre side effect of a bit of mental and emotional housekeeping, a sorting out of clutter, best left forgotten? There’s some truth to the housekeeping idea, but...

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The benefits of sleeping on silk

Silk is a beautiful and luxurious fabric. But, the benefits of silk go far beyond what meets the eye. Read on to see why Shhh Silk founder Olivia Carr is obsessed with silk, and what health and beauty benefits sleeping on silk can offer you.   What is silk?...

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The top herbs for treating insomnia

Insomnia affects between 33-45% of Australians. This ranges from short-term sleep disturbances to chronic insomnia. Lack of refreshing sleep not only impacts focus and performance it also increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and immune dysfunction.  ...

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