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A simple guide to sleep cycles

While we sleep soundly at night, our body works hard to repair and restore itself.  If we miss out on any of the vital sleep cycles, or have too little REM or non-REM sleep, it affects our well-being in many different ways.  According to sleep expert, Cheryl...

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The best bedding for summer

Summer is coming, and predictions point to it being a HOT one!  Temperature plays a key role in the quality of sleep you get.  Get ready for summer with specialised pillows, mattress toppers and quilts designed to keep you cool and dry.   Sleeping in summer Over...

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7 Signs it’s time to replace your mattress

Many of us simply set and forget when it comes to our mattresses, thinking that if we bought a good quality mattress in the first place, it’ll never need to be updated. However, your sleep environment, and particularly your mattress, have a big impact on your quality...

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Why do we dream, and why is dreaming important?

Why do we dream? We all dream, whether or not we recall them, but are our dreams important or are they a bizarre side effect of a bit of mental and emotional housekeeping, a sorting out of clutter, best left forgotten? There’s some truth to the housekeeping idea, but...

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The benefits of sleeping on silk

Silk is a beautiful and luxurious fabric. But, the benefits of silk go far beyond what meets the eye. Read on to see why Shhh Silk founder Olivia Carr is obsessed with silk, and what health and beauty benefits sleeping on silk can offer you.   What is silk?...

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The top herbs for treating insomnia

Insomnia affects between 33-45% of Australians. This ranges from short-term sleep disturbances to chronic insomnia. Lack of refreshing sleep not only impacts focus and performance it also increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and immune dysfunction.  ...

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Bedding maintenance for a better sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a big challenge nowadays, with our busy workdays and hectic routines. We spend so much time leading our lives and drowning in responsibilities that we often forget about the quality and quantity of our sleep. The average human spends...

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How lack of sleep is affecting your life

It’s well known that a poor night’s sleep affects our functioning the next day. But, the long-term impact of lack of sleep might surprise you. In this article, a health professional shares how she’s seen inadequate sleep affect her patients’ health, beauty and...

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How to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a retreat. A space to take you away from the hustle and bustle of regular life and into a deep slumber. There aren't many elements to decor in the bedroom, which is why every choice has the potential to throw off your balanced design. Here are...

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The power of naps

Napping is underestimated and stigmatised in modern society. The prevailing popular belief is that napping is a practice exclusively reserved for young children, the elderly and the sick. However, napping is proven to be an amazing and effective tool which can improve...

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What is the best bedding for sleep?

Guest blog post by Claire Hausler from Merineo.   Googling “How to get to sleep” will bring up plenty of results!  Surprisingly, which bedding is most conducive to sleep is much harder to find.  It’s not in the ‘top ten sleep tips’ or the ‘ABC of sleep’. Wool has...

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The Best Sleep Tea Blends in Australia

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, with water as the only exception.  Australians love their tea; morning, afternoon and night.  But the strong black tea that gets you through the morning, is definitely not the best thing to drink before bed.  Read on to...

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