Silk is a beautiful and luxurious fabric. But, the benefits of silk go far beyond what meets the eye. Read on to see why Shhh Silk founder Olivia Carr is obsessed with silk, and what health and beauty benefits sleeping on silk can offer you.


What is silk?

What is silk?Humans have been producing silk for around 6000 years. China dominated silk production for most of this time, producing exquisite and globally soughtafter silk. Silk textiles were even used as a currency in China. Throughout history, silk has been used as clothing, in religious rituals, for writing on and as a precious wrapping.

Silk is a unique fabric because it is produced from the cocoon of an insect. The silkworm (Bombyx mori) is a small cream caterpillar which spins a cocoon, similar to the way a spider spins a web. The silk is then woven together, creating a shimmering fabric, often associated with wealth and status.


Silky smooth hair

hair benefits of sleeping on silk


‘I love waking up with bed hair’… said no one ever! Let’s be honest, getting out of bed is a struggle in itself, let alone dealing with a bad hair day. Silk pillowcases can help you with that!

Cotton pillowcases pull at your hair; increasing knots, tangles and dreaded split ends. Whereas, silk pillowcases allow your hair to slide smoothly over the surface. This prevents hair breakage and in turn prevents thinning hair. Healthier hair means less money spent on expensive products and hairdresser appointments.  Plus, a silk pillowcase will extend the life of your blow dry by days.

To those who suffer from dry hair, your pillowcase could be causing more damage than you think. The unique, natural qualities of silk stimulate hydration and lock in moisture so your hair stays smooth and silky.


Silk sleeping beauty

skin benefits of sleeping on silk

In the same way that silk pillowcases smooth your hair, they also smooth your skin! Silk pillowcases allow your face to glide easily when moving in bed, without stretching and pulling your skin.

Do you ever wake up with pillow creases on your face? Ugh! Silk is super soft and encourages your skin to breathe, eliminating unwanted face and neck lines. Silk is a natural temperature regulator, meaning it will keep your cheeks cozy in winter and cool in summer. This means no more clammy skin in the morning.

As we get older our skin loses elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Resting your delicate face on silk will prevent your skin from premature ageing and further damage. Plus, it is non-absorbent, meaning your skin keeps its precious natural oils, helping your skin stay young.

If you wear an eye mask to bed or while travelling, consider investing in a silk one. They have all the benefits of a silk pillowcase, and it’s even more important on the delicate, often dry skin around the eyes.


Hypoallergenic silk

health benefits of sleeping on silk

Reduce inflammation and irritations by sleeping on a hypoallergenic silk pillow slip. This will relieve hay-fever, dryness, sensitive skin, psoriasis and dermatitis. Plus, they feel extra soft whilst you sleep!

Silk is a natural fabric, which is great for sensitive skin or those who suffer from eczema. A silk pillowcase will prevent irritated facial skin from overheating, rubbing and dryness. But, if you want to protect other areas, try some silk sheets or silk pyjamas.

Another benefit of silk is that no bacteria can grow on the surface of the pillowcase. This means your face is always resting on a clean surface during the night, which is beneficial for problematic/oily skin. It also means you’re not unknowingly inhaling nasty bacteria.

Silk also repels dust, mites and pollen due to its tight weave, which is a game-changer for asthma and allergy sufferers. When you can breathe freely, you access a deeper, more restorative sleep. If you have ever taken off your ordinary sleep mask to itchy, irritated eyes, then a silk eye mask is for you.


By now, you’re probably convinced that sleeping on silk is fantastic for your health and looks.  Want to know where you can get your hands on luxury silk pillows and pillowcases, sleep masks, and pyjamas?  Shhh Silk is a sassy Australian company that produces all of these things and more.  Click here to see their breath-taking range of designs.



Please note:  This article is not to be used as medical advice.  This post may contain affiliate links.
The benefits of sleeping on silk
Sleeping on silk has so many benefits
Olivia Carr

Olivia Carr

Founder | Shhh Silk

Total Girl Boss Olivia Carr co-foundered silk sleepwear brand Shhh Silk just 3 years ago. Fast forward and she’s seen the brand explode with high profile customers like the Kardashians, Jenners and Chrissy Teigen. She hopes to keep building Shhh Silk to be loved by not only celebs but by everyone!